2″ Assorted Succulents

Succulents have incredible shapes and forms, that fascinates most of us.

The high tolerance of moderate light, low humidity, and weeks of neglect, succulent houseplants such as a mother-in-law tongue or a florist’s favorite Kalanchoe have decorated many windows sills, porches, yards and are even gifted.

If you know a true plant killer, give them a  Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera) they simply won’t die.

Most are very easy to propagate from stem cuttings, dividing small plants, and rotting leaves.

2″ Assorted Succulents For $1.50

Our Assorted collections are comprised of an array of succulent species including Aeoniums, Crassulas, Echeverias, Semperviviums, Kalanchoes, Haworthias, and Graptoverias etc. These pictures are examples that you may find here at Crazy Critters, however, we have hundreds of types of plants that we rotate based on a number of factors, quality being #1! We know you will love the selection! Sorry, we do not ship plants~!

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