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Succulents For Your Big Day

It is clear succulents are not just a passing phase. These plants are showing up in everything from crowns and boutonnieres to favors and centerpieces.

Stylish Succulents Have Taken The Wedding World By Storm.

It is easy to make succulents a special part of your own big day. Whether you use them to create a stunning ceremony backdrop, bring beauty to your bouquet or add a gorgeously green touch to your cake, there’s sure to be love all around for these striking pieces of natural art.

Whether you’re planning a wedding,  your best friends shower, a surprise retirement party for your sister or a weeklong ceremony for your business, beautiful event plants will help to make your celebration one will remember.

Using succulents and other plants adds a naturalistic and artistic touch to any event. It is an easy way to bring the outside in. Click to read more ideas from our page Succulents And Other Plants For Parties, Events, Ceremonies and Weddings!

PERFECT to place on a mini table easel, in a photo frame, or on a wall to guide guests, and add a unique touch to your special event!

Wedding Party Sign, 8.5×11-inch, Please Take Home a Succulent and Let Love Grow


  This sign is 7 inches tall x 12 inches wide x 1/8 inches thick in size. The sign is done in Distressed Wood for a rustic wood look. Each wooden sign takes the stain differently.                Let Love Grow Wedding Sign


Customized and personalized 2.5” x 2.5” or a smaller 2” x 2” kraft brown cardstock favor tags with REAL foil lettering, perfect for your celebration favors.

Let Love Grow Kraft Wedding Flower Succulent Favor Hang Tags


 MINI BUCKETS: Includes 24 2-inch silver-colored iron buckets. Buckets come with handles for easy carrying and hanging. NOTE: These buckets are not leak proof.

Pack of 24 2-Inch Small Metal Buckets


 This natural jute twine can be used in many occasions and DIY decoration.

320 Ft Best Natural Jute Twine



 This value PACK OF SIX (6) round clear hanging glass terrarium globes (4 Inch Height by 4 Inch Width) puts a nice decorative accent to any modern home.

Set of 6 Hanging Glass Globe Plant Terrariums


 Frame of the wreath measures 8 inches, but wreaths will measure approximately 10 inches or more with succulents. Succulents are drought tolerant plants, needing little water to thrive.

Living Succulent Plant Wreath 8″


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