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The Red-eared Slider × Yellow-bellied Slider Is An Intergradation

The red-eared slider (Trachemys scripta elegans) is native to the Mississippi River drainages. A subspecies, the yellow-bellied slider occurs naturally in north Florida.

Yellow-bellied sliders (Trachemys scripta scripta) are aquatic turtles belonging to the family Emydidae. This subspecies of pond slider is native to the southeastern United States, specifically from Florida to southeastern Virginia.

The red-eared slider crossed with the yellow-bellied slider is an intergradation of a  subspecies.

Intergradation ~ In zoology is the way in which two distinct subspecies are connected via populations that are found to have the characteristics of both.


On the side of its head where a normal yellow-bellied slider would have solid yellow, there will be red interposed.


The bottom of the shell is a bright yellow with varying numbers of black dots.


 The slider turtle is the little green turtle that has been sold by the hundreds of millions in dime stores and pet shops throughout the United States.

It is the most commonly exported reptile species, with over 52 million being exported from the United Stages from 1989 through 1997.

Effective July 1, 2007: Red-eared sliders can no longer be sold as pets. Commercial or research uses allowed but require a permit. Existing pets allowed, but any eggs or hatchlings must be destroyed. Color morphs such as albino can be legally possessed or sold.

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