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We are currently building this facility. If everything goes right, we will be finished in August 2018. Many people want to see what we are about and what we are doing. This page will allow you to make a donation and as a thank you, we are inviting you to come to see how your donation is being used. During your visit, you will see the construction of our self-sustainable aquaculture greenhouse. You will also have personal encounters with many of the critters that call Crazy Critters home.

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Adopt – Breed – Rescue – Transport – Rehabilitate

Who are Crazy Critters?

Ken and Cherrice Purvee have been working together since 2001. We have been making raising plants and animals as natural as possible a life motto.
For the past few years, always open to adopting exotic animals. Making people feel secure knowing their loved pet has a happy forever home.

Mostly Tortoises and Turtles call Crazy Critters home. What makes us unique is that after adoption, Crazy Critters continues to share the lives of the pets on social media. Providing an additional continued connection.

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Follow us on our journey as we build our Herp Haven called Crazy Critters!







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We sell crazy plants and give 100% of those proceed to the animal rescue. Book Now for your personalized shopping experience. You can schedule just about any time that is convenient for you.

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