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Edible Plants for Tortoises

In their native environments, tortoises will browse freely among the many types of plants they encounter. In captivity, we must provide a large selection of foods just to try to mimic natural health these reptiles achieve.

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Staple Grasses and Weeds

These are full of fiber, which is great for Tortoises.
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Dandelion (Taraxacum officianale)

Other Good Foods To Provide

Feeding the following plants is much more effective than produce.
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As a guide, common plants to be avoided include:

This is not a complete list of poisonous plants, we suggest you doing research.
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Oleander, BUT do NOT give it to your tortoises to eat or even as a decoration in the enclosure.

In general plants which grow from bulbs, tubers & corma should be excluded as many although not all, are potentially toxic. Conifers which produce needles or pine cones should also be avoided.

However, if you see your tortoise nibbling a few leaves, don’t panic. Many plants which are often listed as toxic are, it would appear, are safe if accidentally taken in small amounts as part of a varied diet.

Click to read more on Plants That Are NOT Good For Animals for more information on poisonous plants, how to identify, what makes them harmful, and what to do if your pet accidentally ingests a plant that is not edible.

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