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Fundraising For The Facility

This month we are fundraising for the final needs we have before we can host educational encounter tours.

These tours will cover varied topics regarding our environment with the plants and animals around us.

As you may know we have been constructing the animal facility called Crazy Critters Inc. since 2016. Never falling into a deficit, we build as we can afford to.

It is thanks to supporters just like you that we have been able to grow into a trusted rescue and rehabilitation center. The donations and purchases of plants from the Crazy Plants Nursery have helped us provide the best habitats, diets, and enrichment programs to hundreds of animals.

Most importantly, the funds provide vetting for exotic and native animals alike.

Our Current Needs List Is:

  • Last sections of an eight-foot perimeter fence around the entire facility,
  • Insurance
  • Surety bonds
  • Slider ponds
  • Attorney fees
  • Annual permits $150
  • Signs
  • Concrete
  • Irrigation
  • Machine Rentals


We have raised enough funds to pay for the last section of fence and have our attorney fees paid in full! There is lots of things to still do, so we are hosting a fundraiser! Click the link below to read more!

Do You Support A Mission Such As Ours?

We Offer Four Ways To Donate

1. You Can Use GoFundMe… Click Here

2. You Can Use Paypal… Click Here

3. You Can Use Facebook… Click Here

4. Or By Mail to Crazy Critters Inc. 22921 County Road 44a, Eustis Florida, 32736.

Your donations are tax-deductible.  Your donation to Crazy Critters Inc. goes straight to work helping exotic animals – both at the Sanctuary and through outreach and animal rescue programs all across the state of Florida.

Watch Us Build The Facility! We Share Facility Projects And Critters Updates!!!

We share these updates so pet owners can stay connected to their pets they have grown to love. Using these videos helps us create pages that help people learn about the history of plants and animals. Most importantly, why they are important to the environment.

We explain where we are going with educational tours in one of our recent Facebook posts.




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    1. Hi Daisy! Thank you for asking! We are open on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and every second and fourth Saturday of the month until March when we change operation times for the Spring season. Our hours are 10-3 on those days.

      Thank you again for asking, we hope to see you down there at the nursery!

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