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Jamie aka J’Normous The Tortoises’ One Year In Review

Jamie was raised with two of the females in his group less than an hour away from Crazy Critters. Growing up with a wonderful family given this giant reptile the best disposition.

We celebrate Jamie and his group for everything they represent. They teach us that exotics grow and need so much. Also, helpin us relate to evolution, conservation, and the environment. 

Jamie’s group consists of three females. The group has produced over 150 offspring last year. We are committed to joining the likes of Bob Blome in Arizona who sends over 6,000 of these some years to Africa to help repopulate their native country. It is a huge exhausting undertaking. The paperwork is not easy. Fingers crossed we are as successful this year.

We have been the caretaker of Jamie aka J’Normous The African Sulcata Tortoise for one year this week.

It caused me to go back to the calendar. We have housed Jamie’s group, Captain Meanie Weenie, various aquatic turtles names Michelangelo, Donatello, etc… and many others for over one year.

We were not a non-profit organization until January. So when we began to adopt it was just to help people and save the environment.

Once we met Sandy, things changed for us. Because she saw the good that Ken and I could do. (RIP Sandy).

Sandy sent us a check in the mail. Our very first donation that covered the entire application process costs.

Them we met Susan, who saw the value in the greenhouse. And that the plants could help with the costs of diets, enrichment, healthcare, and so much more. She sent us a check to help pay for some of the agriculture costs of getting permitted.

TOGETHER, we are giving these exotic animals a safe, happy, and healthy home.

We could not have done half of what we are able to do without the support of you guys!

Here are some photos and videos from over the last year with Jamie and his group.

The first day we brought him to Crazy Critters we created this short video where we catch him burping while crunching down on hard carrots. 
Our first nest from one of Jamie’s females. She was already gravid when we picked them up.
Popeye is Jamie’s son. 
Jamie’s Offspring
Jamie comes out of his barn to see his new fence.
Jamie escapes and so does his females.
Preparing for the winter, we added new doors to Jamies’ barn.

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