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New Construction And Osmonds Groups New Tortoise Table

There is always new construction going on here at Crazy Critters Inc. Making improvements is a great thing! We have been so busy building. And when I say we, I mean Ken!

Definition of improvement

  • the act or process of improving
  • the state of being improved; especially:enhanced value or excellence
  •  an instance of such improvement:something that enhances value or excellence

The constant quest for funds can weigh heavily on the hearts and minds of people who pursue careers in the world of nonprofit. Identifying ways to improve a nonprofit organization is a terrific way to show the world that our charity isn’t static and that everyone involved cares about everything, from operations to vision.

Non-profits face challenges when it comes to construction. This is often subject to tight budgets and future fundraising to ensure its completion, as well as to obligations to donors and other constituents to produce quality work without extravagance or wastefulness.

Waste Not Want Not…                                                          They Say…

Click this video to see how we recycled boards from an old shed into a productive tortoise table.

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