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Our 2018 990EZ

Nonprofits are tax exempt or charitable, meaning they do not pay income tax on the money that they receive for their organization. They can operate in religious, scientific, research, or educational settings. We have dedicated our lives to animals and the environment.

For nonprofits on a calendar tax year, the annual 990 return is due May 15, 2018. You must file this return in order to keep your organization’s federal tax exemption and in compliance with IRS and state regulations.

Organizations not on a calendar tax year must file a 990 return by the 15th day of the fifth month after the close of their calendar year.

We have had one heck of a year. There were so much growth and improvements and it is because of supporters just like you.

Come along with us as we build, make mistakes, learn and grow.

First, we had to apply.

It took a little time and money… but who does not have that?

We were accepted as a 501c3 on January 23, 2018.

In The Loving Memory Of Sandi Fisher!

So What Did Last Year Bring?

A bunch of expenses, animals, and even more supporters and friends!

Together we raised lots of money!

$990 raised on Facebook Fundraisers

Keep The Change proved to be a strong fundraiser for us. Bring us a whopping $462 last year!

Offspring sprung into action! We sold some babies last year! So far the majority of that income has come after our fiscal year ended. But we still raised $565 in 2018.

We donated our cars and sold them all for $8,000

We grew and sold plants to large facilities and even to other people who sell plants! $4,320.

Cash Donations! As a 501(c)(3), we must earn the majority of our income through cash and other monetary donations. Last year thanks to supporters just like you, we raised $22,225.00!!!!!!

Plant Sale, Raffle, and Other Fundraisers are what really helped us expand and improve. We raised well over $8,000.

That adds up to over $40,000!

Now It Is Time To Do Taxes!

Yes we are income tax exempt but we also pay sales tax?

Exempt organizations must file an annual return with the IRS, called Form 990. On this return, you will provide a full description of your charitable programs and accomplishments, organizational leadership, and finances. You will also answer questions that attest to your organization’s status as a true public charity.

The specific form your organization files depends on your revenue: Form 990-N (postcard), Form 990-EZ, or Form 990. Forms 990-EZ and 990 often require additional schedules depending on the organization and its activities during the previous year.

If you don’t file a 990 return, or file late, the IRS can assess financial penalties on the organization. Failure to file for three consecutive years can result in revocation of your federal tax exemption.

Click to see Crazy Critters Inc. submitted 2018 990EZ.

Yikes! I Made A Mistake!

There is a first time for everything!

What happened is I noticed typos after printing. I simply made edits using an ink pen. But IRS did not like that so they sent the form back. At the time I did not even have any way to edit a pdf. Since then I have installed a pdf editor ap. I use Sedja. It is easy and fast, I downloaded it on the Windows Play Store.

Click to see our RESUBMITTED 2018 990EZ

Yikes!! AGAIN!! IRS sent it back! Because our 990 EZ was returned by the IRS three times!!! I could not find any errors and out of frustration reached out. Not so easy is the 990EZ!

Lucky for me that Allan said I was most likely sending it in the wrong as it is a rule to send in your information without sending it certified mail.

However, he said the entire system is odd and helped me file a much easier way! 

Instead of this long-form with all these numbers, if your non-profit makes less than 50 thousand dollars a year, you only need to submit electronically. The IRS does not care how much you raised, how you spent it, or how much is left if you make LESS than 50K per year. Click for more on the 990N! https://www.irs.gov/charities-non-profits/annual-electronic-filing-requirement-for-small-exempt-organizations-form-990-n-e-postcard

We have a new sponsor. We would appreciate you guys considering him this year during your time of need.

Allan has been donating since 2017!!!! https://www.facebook.com/CrazyCrittersInc/posts/1416386258454832

Would you like to sponsor Crazy Critters Inc.?

Email us crazycritters@crazycrittersinc.com

Mail us 22921 County Road 44a, Eustis Fl 32736

Call us 352-589-5999

Check out our updated supporters’ list!

Let us know your ideas and comments below!

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