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Our Road To 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Status

December 2017. We were blessed to get a donation from a new friend Sandi Fisher. She believes Crazy Critters can help the future and the environment.

Social media is how she found us.

Sharing education on the expenses and difficulties that come with exotic animal ownership. Sandi wanted to help us pay for the application process for the Non-Profit 501(c)(3) status.

We take you on the journey with us each and every day, here at Crazy Critters.

Our Journey Begins

12/19/17 we incorporated with the State Of Florida

Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations at http://dos.myflorida.com/sunbiz/The cost to file at Sunbiz was $87.50Steps to File As Corporation

  1. Name Your Organization Your organization’s name establishes its brand and is also important for incorporating with the state. The legal name of your nonprofit corporation may not conflict with any other organization registered in the state. Make sure the name is available and meets state requirements. 
    • Name Search:Florida Department of State – Division of Corporations Name search Suffix:Must contain the word “corporation” or “incorporated” or the abbreviation “corp.” or “inc.” or words or abbreviations of like import in language, as will clearly indicate that it is a corporation instead of a natural person, unincorporated association, or partnership. The name of the corporation may not contain the word “company” or its abbreviation “co.” 2016 FS §617.0401
  2. Recruit Incorporators and Initial Directors The incorporator is the person who signs the Articles of Incorporation for your nonprofit. You will need at least one but can have more than one. Directors make up the governing body of your nonprofit corporation and are stakeholders in your organization’s purpose and success. You’ll want to identify three, unrelated individuals to meet IRS requirements. You will also want to be aware of any age or residency requirements. Florida director requirements:
    • Number: minimum 3
    • Qualifications: Natural person 18 years of age or older. One director may be 15 years of age or older if permitted by the board of directors or bylaws. No residency requirement. No membership requirement.
    • Term: 1 year
    • Quorum: majority
    • Committee: minimum of 2 directors
    • Florida officer requirements:
    • Defined in articles or bylaws. One officer prepares minutes of the directors’ and members’ meetings and authenticates records of the corporation.
    • Elected by board
    • Term: 1 year
    • Two or more offices may be held by the same individual.
  3. Appoint a Registered Agent A registered agent is responsible for receiving legal notices on behalf of your organization. The appointed registered agent must be physically located in the state and maintain an office that is open during regular business hours. As a nationwide registered agent, our service is designed to receive your legal documents and provide secure access to those documents through your online account. Our local Florida registered agent office is located in Tampa, FL.
  4. Prepare and File Articles of Incorporation Your nonprofit’s articles of incorporation officially mark the creation of your organization. They document where and when the organization was formed and capture other information necessary to verify its existence. While requirements for language vary from state-to-state, there are some basic provisions that the IRS will look for when you apply for 501(c)(3) exemption. It is important to customize the articles for your organization and make sure you meet the state and IRS requirements. Meeting these requirements from the start will help avoid having to make amendments later or risk getting your 501(c)(3) application rejected. Some states will also require you to publish your articles of incorporation, so be mindful of any deadlines and publishing instructions


Obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN)

This unique, nine-digit number is assigned by the IRS to identify your nonprofit. All types of nonprofits will apply for an EIN, not only those that hire employees. You will use your EIN to open a bank account, apply for 501(c)(3) status, and submit 990 returns to the IRS.

YIKES!!!! We did not include the INC when we filed for the article of incorporation. But it was an instant fix. We also instantly obtained our EIN at https://sa.www4.irs.gov/.


It was an easy application on Pay.com, But you must have all the paperwork that is required. You must limit your purposes to one or more exempt purposes within section 501(c)(3).

And you must attest that your organizing document contains this limitation. Section 501(c)(3) requires that your organizing document must not expressly empower you to engage, otherwise than as an insubstantial part of your activities, in activities that in themselves are not in furtherance of one or more exempt purposes. And that your organizing document does not expressly empower you to engage, otherwise than as an insubstantial part of your activities, in activities that in themselves are not in furtherance of one or more exempt purposes.

Section 501(c)(3) requires that your organizing document must provide that upon dissolution, your remaining assets be used exclusively for section 501(c)(3) exempt purposes. Depending on your entity type and the state in which you are formed, this requirement may be satisfied by operation of state law.

Finally, you must attest that your organizing document contains the dissolution provision required under section 501(c)(3) or that you do not need an express dissolution provision in your organizing document because you rely on the operation of state law in the state in which you are formed for your dissolution provision. We paid a $275 fee. This is way less than we thought. I am sure there will be more to it so stay tuned!

501 sunbiz (pdf.io).jpg

It is 12/21/2017 we are officially listed on SunBiz…

01/03/18 We were accepted as a Non-Profit!!

As of 8/01/18 we have been able to build the turtle house.

Stay Tuned for more!!!

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