Thank You

There’s no better feeling than helping an animal in need. Not only will you be aware of your good deed, we’ll make sure everyone else is, too. Because it takes all of us! Tell us how we can help your company. We need Corporate Sponsorship in order to build the large ponds and barns we are in need of. 

Crazy Critters Inc. offers four levels of sponsorship.

Savior Sponsorship – $10,000 or more

Protector Sponsorship – $5000 to $10,000support Crazy Critters Inc.

  • Kens Mowershop
  • Lilian Hickerson

Rescuer Sponsorship – $1000 to $5000

  • Sandi Fisher
  • Lane’s Woodworking
  • Susan Dav

Supporter Sponsorship – $100 to $1000

  • Frankie and JaeLynn Heinzelman
  • Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Jeffery Robinson
  • Michelle Andrea Hayes
  •  Joan Ozment
  • Jm Harrison
  • Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Jeffery Robinson
  • Steve and Marcia Brown

Friend Sponsorship – $10 to $100support Crazy Critters Inc.

  • Susie McCormick
  • MJW Resale & Salvage
  • Chris Boyette
  • Freddy Hernandez
  • Allan S. Boress and Associates, PA
  • Carl Purvee
  • Melinda Cabral
  • Barbara San Flippo
  • Patricia Gualandi
  • Sew Cute By Loni
  • Marie Carlin
  • Herdtner Nichole
  • Cecilia Rodriguez
  • Ginny Frisco
  • Leslie Timper
  • Cynthia Wheaton Whiteman
  • Kathy Ehmann
  • Shannon Ehmann
  • Andrew Miller
  • Jennifer Harju
  • Emily Strater
  • Mandy Monique
  • Jheri Cabral
  • Kailee Laws
  • Keri Buehler
  • Kristina Buehler

The List

Here is a list of the basic items we need on a regular basis. If you or someone you knows has them laying around please let us know! A penny saved is a penny earned!

  • Building supplies everything from 2×4 to roofing metal
  • Small buildings such as sheds
  • Pond Liners
  • Large drainage pipe
  • Fence post and boards
  • Plants for habitats
  • PVC pipe and supplies
  • Cement block
  • Wire panels

Here is a list of services we are in need of and projected expenses

  • Large pond  liner $450.00
  • Two sheds we have currently on the farm moved $400
  • Enclosed trailer $3,000
  • 250 wood boards @ $5.00 each
  • I year of Mazuri Feed $650
  • 1-year fruit and vegetable produce  $550
  • 1 exotic animal trip to the vet $250
  • 5 Pig mats for heat $250 each
  • Fuel for rescues 1 year $450
  • Insurance $425 year
  • Metal Sheets 32 @ $54 each

We Grow Crazy Plants To Care For Crazy Critters!

Crazy Critters Inc. is a Private Non-Profit, 501(c)3, Exotic Animal Rescue and Sanctuary. Our Wildlife Facility is located in Eustis, Florida. We provide permanent homes to over 200 animals including lizards, turtles, skinks, geckos, birds, and assorted wildlife. Crazy Critters Inc. was established to provide non-domestic, non-releasable animals with a safe and permanent home.

Mostly Tortoises and Turtles call Crazy Critters Inc. home. What makes us unique is that after adoption, Crazy Critters Inc. continues to share the lives of the pets on social media. Providing an additional continued connection. When an animal finds its way to Crazy Critters, it has found a forever home.

We Adopt ~ Breed ~ Rescue ~ Transport  ~ Rehabilitate

Feel free to contact us with questions requests and comments.
Follow us on our journey as we build our Herp Haven called Crazy Critters!
We even have a blog!

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