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We are Hosting a PLANT Fundraiser and You are INVITED!

Because we provide forever homes for over 300 exotic animals at the private animal sanctuary we operate in Eustis, Florida. We do not put animals on display and do not provide public animal tours. We provide a naturalistic life for hundreds of animals through plant sale fundraisers just like our new one called The Spring Thing!

Some adoptions come from loving homes and the owners have gone through life-changing events that caused them to need to rehome the pet. Others are true rescues that need lots of TLC. And more and more are wild-caught invasives found living in our environment.

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We grow unique plants like succulents, cacti, hibiscus, and more at Crazy Plants Nursery to feed the animals that call us a forever home. We hold plant sale fundraisers and proceeds go directly to the care of all the animals Crazy Critters Inc.

We share plant and animal information on our website http://www.crazycrittersinc.com

We have lots of Crazy Plants!

2″ Echeveria $1.50
2″ Succulents $1.50
2″ Cactus $1.75
3″ Echeveria $2.50
3″ Succulents $2.50
3″ Hawthoria $2.50
3″ Rosettes $2.50
4″ Succulents $3.50
4″ Echeveria $3.50
3″ Cactus $2.50
4″ Cactus $5
Large Cactus $10 up
Large Succulents $10 up

We Always Have Various Crazy Species! (Stock changes Often)
Hanging Baskets
String Of Pearl
Madagascar Palm
Crown Of Thrown
Various Butterfly Bushes

Cash Only.
$10 Min. Order.
Pick Up Only
We do not ship plants.
We can get high-quality plants in bulk qty.
Located in Eustis, Florida (Near Central Florida Bible Camp)
We are available 10-4 Tuesday through Saturday operating hours.

We share plant and animal information on our website www.crazycrittersinc.com

Also please check us out on Facebook or other social media outlets. We appreciate our community of animal lovers… most happen to collect plants. It is a win-win situation in our book. Because ALL of the proceeds of this plant fundraiser goes directly to building these guys proper winter housing and a FOREVER home!

Our motto is.
We Grow Crazy Plants So We Can Care For Crazy Critters!

Adopt – Breed – Rescue – Transport – Rehabilitate

Who are Crazy Critters?

Crazy Critters Inc. is a Private Non-Profit, 501(c)3, Exotic Animal Rescue and Sanctuary. Our Wildlife Facility is located in Eustis, Florida. We provide permanent homes to over 300 animals including lizards, turtles, skinks, geckos, birds, and assorted wildlife. Crazy Critters Inc. was established to provide non-domestic, non-releasable animals with a safe and permanent home.

Mostly Tortoises and Turtles call Crazy Critters Inc. home. What makes us unique is that after adoption, Crazy Critters Inc. continues to share the lives of the pets on social media. Providing an additional continued connection. When an animal finds its way to Crazy Critters, it has found a forever home.

We are open 10-4 Tuesday through Saturday operating hours.

You can find us at 22921 County Road 44A, Eustis. It is not uncommon for normal GPS to bring people a lil down the road. Make sure you type the A on the 44.

Proceeds Go Directly To Non-Profit 501(C)(3) Exotic Animal Sanctuary.

Our plant nursery is located in our gift shop greenhouse. We are a private facility. We allow all the animals to live naturalistic lifestyles. So we do not do animal tours.

Follow us on our journey as we build our Herp Haven called Crazy Critters! We share as we build, make mistakes, learn, and grow!

Let us know your ideas and comments below!