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Why WE do NOT Rehome… According to Ken, it is Because PEOPLE are IDIOTS

The title is just humorous. A play on words. What we mean is that we do not re-home because these exotic animals are not meant to be in the average family home. They are not pets per say.

Our program includes all expenses associated with providing long-term care for our animals. Care needs including food, supplies, veterinary care, enrichment, staff, habitat maintenance, and new habitat construction.


We collaborate with and provide rescue services to:

  • Local, State, National, and International Law Enforcement & Animal Welfare Agencies who confiscate exotic animals from illegal or abusive situations.
  • Private owners that come to the realization that exotic animals are not pets.
  • People who are facing life-changing events such as loss of life or home.

Our website provides a variety of information on the care and history of a variety of plants and animals. Reaching 250-700 people per day.

Crazy Critters provides a life-long home and true sanctuary to all the animals we provide homes for.

Through education and public awareness, we seek to alleviate all animal suffering, eliminate the improper housing of wild animals as pets, and the exploitation of the black market for pet and food trades. 

Being many of our animals were acquired from the private sector, we have a strong focus on preventative measures through education.

Crazy Critters Inc. promotes greater compassion, respect, and justice for animals through a variety of educational outreach methods including on-site tours, educational materials distributed through emails, a monthly e-newsletter, social media sites, and direct mail.

Our progress is indicated in multiple ways including the well-being of the animals in our care, continued growth of supporters and outreach results.

Added and most importantly, operations without a financial deficit, fundraising results.

Then there are the reviews and ratings.  Even bad reviews are positive in our eyes! Yes, we do BREED for conservation. Yes, we have sold a few offspring in order to raise funds for construction costs. If you can do conservation work better than us, please do. Because it needs to be done!

We serve as an information and referral source to the general public and animal welfare groups. Our office is open Monday-Friday from 10 AM to 4 PM daily to answer incoming calls and emails to help assist with nuisance wildlife, injured and abandoned wildlife, nutrition, habitat construction, medical referrals, exotic animal escapes, and exotic animal placements.

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