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Crazy Critters Goes on a Field Trip. Owls, Snakes, and Lizards, Oh My!

Many people do not know why they do what they do for a living. Or how they got there. We DO!

We care for animals because something deep down tells us to do it. Knowing people who are like us help us deal with this silent voice. Because when you are around people doing conservation or around when someone creates the worlds first, well, you sort of want to do it too!

And the second reason we do it is that we can!!!

Ken and I recently visited the family that inspired us to build a lifestyle around animals.

Mr. Antonio was the curator of the Central Florida Zoo when Ken was growing up with the Antonio children. It was this relationship that helped inspire Ken to have a passion for reptiles.

For many of us, it is this sort of time with animals that help us decide our future. Oddly, the same Antonio family are the reason I too love animals so much. It was not ANIMALS per se. It was the husbandry that I fell in love with. The research about the care got me excited and creating natural habitats is something I have always been interested in.

We learned that the passion we had could help us become successful financially and give us more time with our family versus working an extra job. What we did not realize is that it also gave our children a step up when it came to maturity and responsibility.

Now, all these years later, Ken and I are working toward conservation. And yes, the Antonio’s were the ground floor for us. Because it was always regular conversation just as if we were to speak about the weather over holiday dinner.

When it comes to experience and knowledge, we can grow that. PASSION is an unspoken emotion that has nothing to do with genetics or graduation status.

Video 1 is for the birds… literally! We meet a parrot and feed an owl!

Video 2 is vipers and other snakes! If you say yuck to that, you will not say OOOO yuck to the cute lizards!

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