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There is a place in Eustis Florida where exotic reptiles can live a long natural life. That place is called Crazy Critters Inc. Since 2001 this farm has been raising plants and animals as natural as possible. This herp haven adopts many exotic reptile species.

What makes this unique, and an easy choice for people who are not sure what to do with their pet is, after adoption Crazy Critters Inc. shares the lives of the animals on social media. This allows the owners to have a piece of mind as they watch the pet they love so much continue to strive. Since 2017 Crazy Critters Inc. has focused on specializing in turtles and tortoises.

Many of these animals may have become an invasive species in Florida’s environment. If there is a situation where this small non-profit does not adopt a pet, an example would be lack of permits or knowledge, Crazy Critters Inc. will help locate the perfect facility that can house such an adoption.

Watch us build the facility on our YouTube channel!

Crazy Critters Inc. offers five levels of sponsorship.

Everyone in our community benefits when donors put their funds together to remove stray animals from our environment. And the animals can call this last stop a forever home makes it that much better.

Crazy Critters Inc. offers five levels of sponsorship

Savior Sponsorship – $10,000 or more

Protector Sponsorship – $5000 to $10,000

  • Kens Mowershop
  • Lilian Hickerson

Rescuer Sponsorship – $1000 to $5000

  • Sandi Fisher
  • Lane’s Woodworking
  • Susan Dav
  • Alex and Breanna Roberts

Supporter Sponsorship – $100 to $1000

  • Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Jeffery Robinson
  • Michelle Hayes
  • Joan Ozment
  • Jm Harrison
  • Alex and Breanna Roberts

Friend Sponsorship – $10 to $100

  • Susie McCormick
  • MJW Resale & Salvage
  • Chris Boyette
  • Freddy Hernandez
  • Allan S. Boress and Associates, PA
  • Carl Purvee
  • Frankie and JaeLynn Heinzelman
  • Melinda Cabral
  • Barbara San Flippo
  • Patricia Gualandi
  • Sew Cute By Loni
  • Marie Carlin
  • Steve and Marcia Brown
  • Herdtner Nichole
  • Cecilia Rodriguez
  • Ginny Frisco
  • Leslie Timper
  • Cynthia Wheaton Whiteman
  • Kathy Ehmann
  • Shannon Ehmann
  • Andrew Miller
  • Jennifer Harju
  • Emily Strater
  • Mandy Monique
  • Jheri Cabral
  • Dr. Jeffery Robinson
  • Kailee Laws
  • Keri Buehler
  • Kristina Buehler
  • Alanna Diamond
  • Sue Havranek
  • Bonnie Fowler 
  • Betty Dean
  • Sue Havranek
  • Alanna Diamond
  • Sergio Cordero
  • Rochelle Burbacher
  • Kate Carney
  • Shannon Ehmann
  • Bonnie Fowler
  • Amy Wiggins
  • Marie Carlin
  • Lisa Payne
  • Melissa Highfill
  • Theresa Stone
  • Rochelle Burbacher
  • Missy Dollins
  • Sammie Culp
  • Lou Salvemini Jr.
  • Vicki Lee Lay 
  • Mary Kay Osteen Davies
  • Margaret Agard
  • Jm Harrison
  • Patricia Wilson Gualand
  • Susanne McKee
  • Adam Cankaya
  • Anne Marie Tuzzo
  • Jamie Barbour-Moore
  • Cheryl Kuykendall
  • Dina Vitrella Rodriguez
  • Lynn Risch
  • Valerie Watson
  • Wise Tax
  • SeaLife Aquarium

Your donations are tax-deductible.  Your donation to Crazy Critters Inc. goes straight to work helping exotic animals – both at the Sanctuary and through outreach and animal rescue programs all across the state of Florida.

Monetary donations are always much needed and very much appreciated, as are direct donations to our Veterinary partners!  Gift Cards from stores such as WalMart or Petco is a great way to help us improve the lives of all the critters.

If you are interested in donating product and supplies directly to our wish list of needed items you will also be considered a Sponsor! We are all Stewards of these animals! All monies go directly to the care of the animals.

Consider this: Many large corporations have programs matching donations to nonprofit organizations.  Ask your human resource department.

As of January 2018, we are a non-profit 501(C)(3) Organization! 

When it comes to reptiles, cold-blooded is a way of life, not a character trait. Reptiles are capable of recognizing people by voice, sight, and smell; many are capable of learning. Some species actually benefit from interaction with humans.

When cared for properly, all live as long or longer than mammalian pets of similar size. There is no generic reptile. Reptiles have adapted over time to an amazing range of habitats and lifestyles, from underground to the tops of trees, from below sea level – and in the sea – to high up in the mountains. They are endlessly fascinating.

As the guardian of a reptile, you get to learn about everything from adaptation, behavior and the environment, to nutrition, camouflage, and reproductive strategies. Learning about the natural history and proper captive care of these animals just might change your world outlook and get you thinking more about the environment as a whole.

The most common reasons a person will give a reptile up for adoption include but is not limited to not realizing how large or fast the species grows, nor how much work is involved in taming, feeding or overall maintenance. Many who do research after the fact are unwilling to commit the financial, time and space resources needed.

The highly efficient metabolism of these animals means that they can conserve energy resources by staying cool and eating less food, which also means that it can take them a very long time to die. This misleads people into believing that they are providing adequate care. Unfortunately, the treatment that would kill a mammal or bird in a matter of weeks or months may take years to kill a reptile.

There’s no better feeling than helping an animal in need. Not only will you be aware of your good deed, but we’ll also make sure everyone else in Lake County is, too.

Summary Everyone in our community benefits when donors put their funds together to remove stray animals from our environment. And the animals can call this last stop a forever home makes it that much better.

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