FWC Class III Permit Help

Have you always wanted to file for your Class III Permit? Whether or not you want to sell exotics you should! FWC has a completely free permit for the normal pet owner.

And for $50 you can do the exact same paperwork but request the Class III For Use and Sale.  This way you are in a great situation no matter the species you want to work with.

Sometimes it is easier not to do things. Like filing your Class III Personal Use Permit.

The forms look overwhelming.

But they are not. We promise!

It is basic information. Telling FWC what animals and where your animals are.
This is a free permit and we should all have one. Even as we consider the exotic pet purchase.

Why do they need to know this information?

I think it really comes down to so many things such as the issue of finding the owner of a pet that has gotten out in the neighborhood. If there is a disease outbreak and they know you have a certain species of animal.

Of course, checking on animal safety while doing cage inspections on occasion is a great thing. It could be a faulty cage with a red ear slider escaping to the lake and further the environmental issues. How about orangutans or equivalent and human safety issues.

This is a video series that will help all of us understand line by line the application process for our Class II Permits.

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  1. Great article thanks for sharing ! My problem if finding another permit holder to do a letter of reference unfortunately

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